Simply put, Gamerevv is building a decentralized mobile gaming application, backed by the economics of GAV utility tokens. Gamerevv is trying to radically change the way people recognize and play crypto games online.

Blockchain is seen as an innovative technology that allows games to transcend the virtual world and lead a remarkable life in the real world.

Without gatekeeping or manipulations, the discovery of gaming on the blockchain has made solutions resistant to censorship, unreliable transactions, and insecure networks. 

Secured decentralized social gaming platform.

Choose from a series of cryptocurrency games.

Gamerevv is proud to provide the first inclusive game field social platform, connecting gamers and game publishers worldwide at one platform where they can play, trade, and share all gaming items and experiences in a secured, transparent and accurate manner.

Play to earn up to


Various decentralized mobile games.
Participate in up to


trivia questions using our learn to earn algorithm.

Why Gamrevv for best crypto games?

Your privacy.

Your privacy is most important to us. So, we make sure we never display our user's personal information.

Available anywhere anytime.

Gamerevv listed games are all about you! You can access this unique and trusted decentralized social gaming application and the range of game genres from any corner of the world.


We believe in transparency! Therefore our games are built on a distributed database shared among several computer networks as it helps to establish an exact and transparent order of events.

Fully Decentralized.

Our games achieve decentralized security and trust in several ways. New blocks are always stored linearly and chronologically to show each transaction.


Our game technology produces a structure of data with inherent security qualities. It's based on principles of cryptography, decentralization, and consensus, which ensure trust in every transaction.

Realtime Update

There is nothing behind the scenes. You will see live updates and interactions between the players. When a player performs an action, it reflects instantly on the blockchain.

Meet Our Advisory Board


Policy Development, Nigeria


Finance/ Blockchain Advisor


Investor, Brazil

Join our seed round.

Token sale offer - 50,000,000 GAVs at $ 0.03.

Email us via: sales@gamerevv.com